General Information for Oversea Participants

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[For those who completed pre-registration]
Please come to “Help Center” on the 2nd floor of the Conference Center to pick up your name card.

Help Center Open Hours Thursday, Apr.14th9:00-17:00
Friday, Apr. 15th7:15-17:00
Saturday, Apr. 16th7:15-17:00
Sunday, Apr. 17th7:15-15:00

[On-site registration]
Please come to the "Oversea Registration Desk"in the Exhibition Hall A.
On-site registration form is now available.
Please download the form from below, fill in the form and bring it with you to the "Oversea Registration Desk".


○Registration fee: JPY20,000

○Payment Method: Cash only

*Please prepare Japanese yen in advance.

On-site registration form is also available at the oversea registration desk.

Oversea Registration Open Hours Thursday, Apr.14th9:00-17:00
Friday, Apr. 15th7:15-17:00
Saturday, Apr. 16th7:15-17:00
Sunday, Apr. 17th7:15-15:00

Please wear your name tag at all times during the Meeting.

Luncheon Seminars

Luncheon Seminars will be held from April 15th (Fri) to 17th (Sun).

  • We will issue “Luncheon seminar ticket” on the day of the Luncheon Seminars. There will be Ticket Machine on 1st floor of the Conference Center and the Annex Hall, and the ticket will start issuing between 7:15 am and 11:45 am on a first-come-first-served basis. (Please note that the number of tickets is limited.)
    Please follows steps below:
    Step 1:  Choose which luncheon seminar you’d like to attend and check a seminar number.
    Step 2: There is bar-code reader on the machine, so please pass over the bar-code on your name tag.
    Step 3: Select the seminar number you are going to attend.
    Step 4: Pick up your ticket.
    Step 5: Bring the ticket to the seminar room, exchange the ticket to a lunch box and enter the room. You may eat the lunch box during the luncheon seminar.
  • The luncheon seminar ticket will become invalid ten minutes after the Luncheon Seminar starts. So please be on time.
  • If there are still vacant seats ten minutes after the Seminar starts, those who do not have the ticket will be allowed to attend the seminar.

Information for speakers

  • Speakers should take a seat in the front row of the session room specially reserved for the “next speaker”, at least 15 minutes prior to his/her presentation time.
  • Allocated presentation time
    General presentation (Oral narration): 7 minute for presentation and 3 minute for discussion. (Duration for invited speakers are different.)
    Please be sure to finish your presentation within the allocated time regardless of any trouble with projection.
  • All speakers are obliged to disclose conflicts of interest. Please download this PowerPoint slide and include it as the second slide after the title slide.
    (There are two different slides, “COI Statement” and “No COI Statement”)
    Please insert the slide on the second page of your presentation.
    For details, please see the“Guidelines” and the “Bylaws” available on the “Conflict of Interest Policy” page of the website of the Japan Radiological Society (
  • PC Preview Center
    Speakers are required to upload their presentation slides at the PC Preview Desk at least 1 hour before your the presentation. AV assistants will be available to help you.
    Locations:  B1 level of Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center
    Exhibition Hall A
    Open Hours Thursday, Apr.14th9:00-17:00
    Friday, Apr. 15th7:15-17:00
    Saturday, Apr. 16th7:15-17:00
    Sunday, Apr. 17th7:15-15:00
    • Presentation Format
      Only Windows data is allowed. Please use USB flash memory to store data (the use of CD-R (W) or DVD-R (W) are not allowed). The maximum data capacity should be 512MB.
      Note: If you create your presentation slides using Macintosh, please use your own PC for your Lecture.
    • The session rooms will be equipped with Windows Computers.
    • Please ensure that your presentation will function on the specifications given below.
    Windows: MS PowerPoint 2003-2013
    up to XGA (1024 x 768)
    Standard Fonts
    ex) Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Courier New, Georgia
    Movie Files:
    Should your presentation slides include movie files, please ensure the compatibilities with the following applications.
    Codec in Windows 7 and Windows Media Player11 (WMV format is recommended)
    • The file name should be “short title_Speaker's first name last name”
      (ex.: Cardiac MRI_John Smith).
    • Since there is the potential for virus infection through various media, please check your data with the latest antivirus software.
    • After creating data to be used in your presentation, please check that your presentation data operates normally using a PC other than that used for the data creation.
    • After previewing, your data will be transferred through LAN to the session room.
  • For speakers using your own PC;
    • When you use your own PC, please confirm that it is capable of external display output at the PC preview center. We have a “D-sub15 pin (mini)” cable available in the presentation room. Some laptop computers need a conversion connector. Please bring a connector if your computer needs it.
    • Please use an AC adapter so that the battery does not fail. Please do not set a password in preparation for a reboot. If the output terminal is not D-sub15 pin (mini), please bring a connection adapter.
    • The screen size (resolution) should be XGA (1,024 × 768).
    • Please confirm that all data is displayed on the screen of your PC without any problems in this environment, in advance.
    • Please cancel the screen saver and power saver settings in advance.